Laibert – ‘Let It Feel Alright’ & Interview

We caught up with Italian producer Laibert who has just released his latest original ‘Let it Feel Alright’. We talk about his inspirations to produce and his forthcoming original, ‘Paradise’ – premiered by DJ Target on BBC 1xtra. The Laibert sound clearly takes inspiration from the 90s with those classic rhythmic pianos, layered with sampled soulful vocals. ‘Let it Feel Alright’ in no exception, the catchy melodies and sampled Martha Wash vocal definitely build on the growing sound of artists such as Gorgon City.  This track has already gained recognition from the likes of Alex Adair and Shify K3y, making Laibert and his sound, an exciting prospect for the future.




Tell us, when did you first begin producing tracks? What has this journey been like so far?

Well, It’s been 5 years today since I started the journey of producing music. My desire to produce music came from just really wanting to connect with the music at a deeper level rather than to a extent of just appreciating it. So, at the end of 2009 I began this solo project, ‘Laibert’. The name came from the word liberty, a concept which will always have importance in my life.

What artists or producers have had a major influence on the Laibert sound?

Artists who have strongly influenced my style are most certainly: the English duo Gorgon City, those guys have really fresh sound which is really growing at the moment. Other artists include, Loreen and Ellie Goulding. I love the atmospheric element Ellie can add to her tracks with her vocals.


DJ Target premiered your track ‘Paradise’ on Radio 1Xtra, here in the UK. How did this come about? Was it a shock for you when you first got the news?

I have been listening to Dj Target every Sunday for as long as I can remember. ‘Paradise’ features the vocals of Canadian artist Siren Gene. I already knew Siren from way back but as it happened, we started talking again on DJ Target’s noticeboard on twitter #targetsnoticeboard. From then on, we started working on a track together which eventually became ‘Paradise’. DJ Target heard the track and loved it. He decided to play it while I was listening! It was a real honour.

You have been commissioned for official remixes for likes of Cash Cash and Bobby Green, how do make sure you keep the hooks of the original track but add the Laibert touch?

Remixing tracks and adding my original touch to them has always been a massive passion! So much so, that some people only recognise my sound from my remixes! Remixing gives me the opportunity to experience and play around with new aspects of my sound. I relish the opportunity to give a track a completely new lease of life! One of my favourite remixes that I have really enjoyed producing was my remix of Liverpool singer Jennifer Davies track ‘


How did your latest release ‘Let It Feel Alright’ come about? When did the ideas first start coming together for this track to come alive?

It was quite bizarre really. All the ideas of this track just came from nothing, hitting me one evening! I had always wanted to do a remake of a 90s track and the voice of Martha Wash just seemed perfect. One long night and ‘Let it Feel Alright’ was born.

What can our listeners expect to hear on this track?

I hope this track inspires people to go in their music library in their living rooms, pull out all the old CDs that have accumulated over the years and fall in love with that 90s sound all over again. I hope this track brings back some nostalgia to all those good memories.


What are your plans for 2015? What releases can we expect from Laibert?

Good question! There is so much fans can expect this year! New remixes, gigs, and plenty of new originals! The latest original, ’Paradise’ ft. Siren Gene is coming very soon! So make sure you guys keep up to date on the social media!


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