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Fedde Le Grand, world-leading DJ and producer, continues to take the world by storm. Not many electronic artists can match his status, only this year the Dutch DJ has released a critically acclaimed album in the form of ‘Something Real’ and played main stage sets at Ultra Miami and Ultra South Africa. We caught up with Fedde to discuss his latest album, live performances and plans for the rest of 2016.


At what age did you start producing? Since that point, how would you describe the different phases that your music has been through?
I actually started out DJ’ing. It was only my urge for stuff that I just couldn’t find anywhere, that kind of forced me to learn how to make my own edits and stuff just to try and get things sounding the way I had in my head…. And it just really spiralled out of control from there, luckily in very good ways ☺


Given your history of so many successful track releases, do you have a particular favourite track? Is there a track to like to play live the most?
I’m sure you’d expect me to say ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ ☺ But I think it’s got to be my remix of Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’. It’s got a certain euphoric quality to it and always goes down so well with the crowd.


Which artists are your current inspirations? – From either within or outside the electronic dance music scene.
When I started out my inspiration came from everywhere. I loved the sounds of people like Jamiroquai, George Clinton and Michael Jackson, and still do. Currently though I’m really impressed with what the likes of Diplo and Major Lazer are doing for dance music. They’ve spearheaded a new genre in dance and have taken the world by storm.


Earlier this year you brought back your ground-breaking GRAND show at the ‘Ziggo Dome’ in Amsterdam, which raised the game with its selection of singers, dancers and a spectacular set up. Were you pleased with how it went? Is this where you want to take your live performances in the future?
It was an amazing production that I have to thank RTL Live Entertainment so much for the help to make it a reality, twice! It would be awesome to continue to this on a regular basis, however the production is so enormous that the event will definitely still be an exclusive kind of performance. Can’t wait for the day when I can announce some international dates!


You’ve played on the main-stage of some of the world’s biggest festivals including Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland. Are there any particular venues you want to take your show to now?
Well there’s definitely a few festivals I’d love to play, like Burning Man. They put so much into the stages and decoration, and people are thrust into a totally different world. But festival-wise I think there are so many gems still left to consider, and club-wise as well to be honest, I still come across new places that completely blow my mind.


fedde ultra


Your new single ‘Rhythm of the Night’ took on the challenge of reimagining Corona’s classic hit, how did you go about addressing such a big task?
My goal was to just bring the track into 2016, giving it a modern flavour that still had all the amazing elements of the original that people have come to love. I wanted the vocals to be the focal point of the track, and so with that I just built a brand new production behind it that would translate to newer dance music fans. It was a huge honour to be allowed to use the vocal sample and I hope I did it justice!


You released the ‘Something Real’ album in February and the tracklist shows a wide variety of different artists you’ve collaborated with; how do you choose the talent you want to work with?
That’s a difficult question, sometimes it’s just a good connection with another artist that leads to a collab, sometimes it actually starts with either of us having an idea already and the other being so excited about it that we decide to finish the track together… Likewise with the vocalists that are on my album, some of them I knew for a while already like for instance Jonathan Mendelsohn (Miracle is actually stemming from a project that I’ve worked on for years), Erene I got to know through social media, it really can go either way pretty much!


The album as a whole has a good range of sound to it; do you enjoy mixing up the feel of different tracks across an album?
Yeah definitely, I was hoping to explore and put out as many different feels on the album as possible. I am open-minded when it comes to making an album and just challenged myself to make songs that are different but are meaningful as well. It took 3 years to complete so it also just encapsulates my sound evolution over the last couple of years.




Your start to 2016 has been unbelievable, what are your plans for the rest of it? What are you most looking forward to?
I will continue to tour throughout the summer and into the fall, in support of the new album. I’ve got such a massive amount of shows lined-up, some of my usual suspects in summer and some new plays as well, and after my summer tour it’s straight onto the USA for my Laborday Tour. I’m also working on something new with Ida Corr, which I can’t wait to release. Also have some great remixes to my album we are getting ready to release, and some more new stuff in general… Believe me, I’m literally itching to tell you more about all but I have to have a little more patience!


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