Last weekend, Aux had the opportunity to catch up backstage with international DJ and producer, Sam Feldt – straight after his opening set at the Laundry in East London. Sam’s set was part of a teaming up with tropical house producer, Thomas Jack for a couple of shows across the UK and Europe. The up-and-coming, melodic house star signed to the renowned Spinnin’ records has kept climbing from huge success to huge success this year. With releases such as, ‘Midnight Hearts’ and ‘Show Me Love’ receiving respective international success on both Beatport and Hypem.


The bar was set high for his performance, especially, after seeing the amazing after-movies from the producers’ recent tours in both the US and Canada. Sam did not disappoint us. From the moment we entered the Laundry, the intense atmosphere of the underground club was buzzing on the Dutchman’s signature deep and melodic house drops. The UK audience were fully immersed and captivated by his performance. His set ultimately climaxing with unreleased originals, remixes and of course his latest official remix of Showtek’s track, ‘90s By Nature’. The super-talented, Dutch producer has big plans for the rest of 2015, returning to the UK for V Festival and Creamfields. So prepare yourselves for hearing plenty more signature Sam Feldt tracks and live performances around the UK in the near future.

How are you finding London so far?

Pretty good, pretty good so far. I arrived here on Thursday, then went to Glasgow yesterday for a show at the Arches and I just came back to London this afternoon for the show at the Laundry tonight. It’s been a little hectic but such fun so far.

2015 has been an incredible year for you, having tracks such as ‘Midnight Hearts’ and ‘Show Me Love’, doing so well both on Hypem and on Beatport, which track would you say you are most proudest of this year? What has been a highlight for you?

I think it has to be ‘Show Me Love’ as it just got signed to Universal for a worldwide release which will be great as that will give the track a push here in the UK too. I think it will be rereleased at the end of June. Until then, I can’t wait to hear the track on the radio more and more over the next couple of months. The response to this track has been incredible and for it to keep on going, well that’s just amazing. I have several other releases to follow this one, so I am really excited just to keep sharing new music.


We are huge fans of your mixes, Wildernis is a definite favourite of ours. We love that you always try to include lesser known artists, how do you normally begin finding such new tracks for a mix?

 I try to do one mixtape a month. In these months, everyday when I wake up, I just put on my stream on Soundcloud and if I like something, I will check out the related artists. Similarly, to how you guys probably find new music. The thing is, sometimes I am just stuck on Soundcloud for hours at a time just to find the tracks with the right keys and BPM. However, it’s a great moment when the mix finally comes together and all the tracks fit nicely.


We saw you were in Miami this year, how were the vibes there? How was your Miami experience?

Miami was hectic but really fun as well. It was really amazing as I had 7 gigs down there. I did a lot of interviews and press events so I met a lot of cool people. It was really busy but a really great first experience of the music scene in Miami for me.


You have a mixture of both deeper sounds with Midnight hearts and more tropical/melodic with track such as Hot Skin/I am Oak remix, what does the future of Sam Feldt sound like?

I think it’s hard to say, what I am trying to achieve is that people like me for my music and not for a specific genre. So hopefully in the future I can make a track that’s 100 BPM ‘Kygo style’ track but I can also make a 128 ‘Avicii-style’ track and people will still love it. As long as it’s still melodic, still emotional, still has that Sam Feldt feel to it. So there is a lot of different music coming out so you guys are just going to have to wait and see.


We loved the after movie that was produced for your US & Canada tour but what has been the greatest venue you have played so far? Where are the best vibes at?

I think it must be the US in general because man, the people over there just go crazy for the music. Even before you play a track when you just walk up to the DJ booth, people just start screaming and throwing pineapples haha, it’s mad! In a good way though. I really just love the US crowd, I love it here in the UK too because the people here are really focused on the music, focused too on just coming out to have a good time. I always love playing in the UK.


Your music has been growing and growing but do you remember the moment when your music really started to take off, the moment where your tracks really started getting recognition?

I think that was when I got signed to Spinnin’. I think it was a little bit more than a year ago. Last August I signed a contract with them and got my first release ‘Bloesem’. From that point on, it just felt that every month I was taking a another big step in the right direction.

Do you feel under any pressure to release music within a certain genre when you are signed a label like Spinnin’ especially as it is known to be a deep house and big-room house label? Do you still feel you have the freedom to express the Sam Feldt sound?

So far, so good. I have released a lot of different tracks in different styles: from tropical to a bit more progressive, to tracks which are a bit more deep and the label has been amazing with really pushing and promoting my tracks so in the last year they have been a really good partner for me.


So you have done a couple of gigs with Thomas now, how has that experience been?

Really good actually. I first played with him in January during the US tour and then he invited me over for the European tour as well. I did Paris with him, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and now London and Glasgow. It’s just cool man, our sounds combine really well. Maybe I play a bit harder, he plays a bit more melodic and little more deep. Our sounds just compliment each other.

What advice would you have to upcoming producers who are making melodic house and trying to get themselves into the industry and recognised by labels?

I have been a DJ for close to four years and I always wanted to get signed to a label so bad. In the beginning, I was making a lot of big-room tracks and I was just sending them to every label, spamming a lot of DJs too just to get their support. I can understand what it feels like to be in their place.  It changed me, however, when I realised that it’s not about creating the next Beatport hit, it’s not about creating a track for a certain label, it’s not about creating a specific track so a big DJ can play it…no, it’s about creating and perfecting your own sound so just do whatever the f*** you want and what you feel. When I made my first ever Sam Feldt track ‘Alien’, I never would have thought it would bring me to Spinnin’. I didn’t even really believe in the track at the start and a friend  just said to me, ‘why don’t you send it to a label’ and I was like, ‘no-one is going to sign this, it’s just too different, Spinnin’ is EDM, it’s not this crazy melodic sound!’ Haha. However, I plucked up the courage and I sent it and they really liked it and that was my way into the industry.


What can we expect from you in 2015? I know you said you have several other releases coming?

Yeah, I have two new remixes coming out this month. On Sunday I am going to premiere a new remix, I played it today but I don’t think anyone has heard it before. I got the re-release of Show Me Love  on Universal at the end of June and there is already some follow up tracks ready for that too.

Quick fire 

Country  you would love to visit?


The best thing about being a producer?

Travelling. Not the actual travelling part but the being somewhere else part. Not the sitting on a plane part but seeing new places and new cultures.

Worst thing about being a producer?

The travelling haha!

WYR No Facebook or no Instagram?

I think no Instagram because it lacks the messaging functionality that Facebook has and I stay in contact with a lot of people through Facebook so I would definitely miss that.

If you could be an Olympic athlete which sport would be your speciality?

Haha I don’t know. I think…squash, that’s an olympic sport right? Well, I play squash haha! I’m not really a big sports fan but I like fitness training and squash.

Megan Fox or Jennifer Lawrence?

Megan Fox definitely.

What’s included in the rider of Sam Feldt?

It’s normally like… well, I change it up every couple of months, at the moment it’s Whiskey with Lemon, some beers, Coconut water and of course some Coronas.

Are you fan of the Whisky with Honey?

You mean the Jack Daniels with Honey? Yeah of course, I mean when you tour so much, you drink every night and you just get bored of everything. You end up making strange combinations so I have tried and got bored of a lot of drinks but yeah that’s a cool drink.

When can we next see you in the UK?

Creamfields and V-festival at the end of summer too.

Any final thoughts?

Keep focusing on my gigs, keep looking at my music – it’s going to change a lot. I’m not getting rid of the Sam Feldt sound but I want to really bring some new innovations to my music. Expect some more up-tempo stuff as well, more similar to Avicii but still maintaining my sound. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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