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Last week, Aux caught up with two Parisian producers who go by the collective name, Ofenbach. These guys have been releasing music with us collectively for close to a year now, racking up hundreds of thousands of plays across the web. Over this period of time too, they have certainly crafted out a recongnisable and signature sound. This characterised by their heavy influence of acoustic guitar, rustic vocals and inspiring melodic progressions. Ofenbach, time and time again provide us with the perfect summer soundtrack. Having just signed to the renowned Crosswalk family at the beginning of this year, it a certainty that will be hearing more about this French duo and their feel-good, original tracks. Stay tuned guys!


What inspired you guys to start making music together as Ofenbach? Tell us about how you first met and started this musical journey as a duo?

Cesar: Dorian and I first met at primary school around age 10 so a long time ago! Immediately, we had a connection. It was pretty special, we just knew that we just had to make music together. We both had the same drives and desires; to ultimately live a life devoted to music. We didn’t care whether we turned out to be good musicians, we just had to give it a go! When we started making music together, Dorian and I formed and were part of a lot of bands. Playing everything from punk rock to pop. After this band period passed, all of our attention and focus was devoted to melodic house. That’s when the fun really started!


Where does the name Ofenbach come from?

Dorian: We choose the name because it demonstrated to us how we are inspired and influenced by a diverse range of music. The classical composer Jacques Offenbach was also a main theme behind the name too. We just felt ‘Ofenbach’ had a nice ring to it!

You guys have some great remixes of acoustic artists such as: Bear’s Den, Jose Gonzalez, James Bay and Andreas Moe, what does a track have to do, to grab your attention and become an Ofenbach remix? What do you think attracts you guys to the acoustic sound?

Dorian: The process of remixing begins with us listening to a whole range of different types of music. We only stop this process when we find a track that really inspires us and it has to be a track that we absolutely fall in love with. We will only really begin making the remix if we can visualise the track fitting in with our signature, acoustic Ofenbach style.

César: I think we love the acoustic sound so much because we are simply acoustic musicians at heart! This is an element which has stayed consistent through all of our musical development so it’s pretty special to us.


How would you guys explain the explosion and growth of melodic and chilled house in France right now?

César: I think melodic house has become such a growing genre in France and throughout Europe because it offers the perfect mixture between elements of electronic music and the melodies and perhaps, the vocals of pop music. True also, it offers a very pleasant listening experience… well for us certainly!


Do you guys have musical families? What songs were played at home when you were kids?

Dorian : Yes, my family absolutely love their music. My father was in a pop and rock band. There was also a large recording studio in my childhood home too, so that was pretty cool. I can just remember my mum always playing her songs in the car or loudly on the hi fi in the living room. Safe to say, I felt surrounded by music. My parents definitely acted as an inspiration for me to start learning to play the trumpet. Learning guitar and how to sing came later on.

César: My parents are not musicians but they always believed that it was important for me to learn different instruments. I have, therefore, always played a lot of piano and I used to play a lot of drums. I also studied classical music and rcecently I have started singing in a “conservatoire”. My cousin was a massive inspiraton musically for me. He was in a great PopFolk band. Seeing his music, really motivated me to take my music more seriously.


When did you realise that music was your calling and that you should really follow it as a career?

César: We always knew on some level that it was something we should follow. It just took us 20 years to find our style … haha!

What are your fondest musical memories? 

César: It has to be the first concert I ever went to…. The Rolling Stones. From this day onwards, I have been a huge fan.

Dorian: My fondest memory is when I was 15, I was the guitarist for a French rock band called ‘Les Arènes de Nimes’. We played a concert for  20, 000 people. It was a very frightening experience but an amazing and unforgettable feeling afterwards!


What is the most enjoyable gig you have played together so far?

César: We have played some really cool gigs together. Some of the great ones include our show at the Club 79 or performing at the Equinoxe Festival. However, the best so far was definitely. the Ofenbach Showcase with our Crosswalk Family!

 What advice would you have for producers who are nervous to release their material online and who are just starting out?

Dorian: The only advice we have is, work hard and most importantly do what you love. Make sure you share your music as much as possible on the internet but just make sure your sound and your efforts are sincere.

 What tracks would be in Ofenbach’s most played playlist right now?

Bunt  -  Young Love feat. Emma Carn

Mozamba & Basic Tape feat Julia Church - Bright Side

Pierce Fulton - Kuaga (Sonny Alven Remix)

Robin Schulz - Headlights

Anthony d’Amato - Back Back Back (FDVM Bootleg)

Sam Feldt - Show Me Love


 At the beginning of this year you guys just signed with Crosswalk Records, releasing your latest single ‘What I Want’, how has the experience with Crosswalk been so far? How did this collaboration with KarlK come about?

Dorian: Our experience with working with Crosswalk has been amazing so far. The best way I can describe it, is that it is like a big family. We have lots of exciting projects coming soon with Crosswalk to show you guys soon.

César: It was a wonderful experience working with Karlk on ‘What I Want’. We had already been in contract with him for a while so working together was obvious.


Which producers really inspire you guys with their sound at the moment?

César: Lots of producers continue to inspire us with their sound (Robin Sculz, Sam Feldt, Kygo…) but our founding inspirations still lie in pop and rock music (Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Supetramp…).

 I read that you guys really love the amazing songwriter Supertramp, what is it that appeals to you with his music as an inspiration for you guys? Do you think that the world is missing songwriters and melodic geniuses like this guy in the industry today?

Supertramp is a band that has been such an inspiration for us throughout our musical journey. Not only because their compositions are as close to perfect as you can get but also on a technical level and with their structural melodic plan is so good. Personally, we feel this band reached an unexemplified level of perfection with their album “Breakfast In America”. Today, there exist a lot talented people in the musical industry but unlike the songs of Supertramp, the construction of songs has definitely become far more simple. It’s a shame!

 When you guys are not producing good vibes, what do you like to do in your free time?

We doing else but make music! We are always making music, 24/7, 365 haha!

What is next for Ofenbach? Any future collaborations you can let us in on for 2015? ;)

We have a lot of new tracks under wraps and in construction at the moment (a lot of originals and few remixes). We are collaborating  with many talented artists/producers including the likes of: Max Liese, Guitk, Lisa May, Mokoa … We are also preparing for some big gigs right now and we just shot a videoclip for one of our songs so go check that out :).


Quick fire

The worst nightmare you have ever had?

Being stuck in an elevator with Mozambo  (ahaha)

The best and the worst thing about Paris?

The best thing about Paris is the inspiring mood and the worst thing is the weather.

What’s your favourite insult?


 French wine or French toast?

French Kiss

 Tidal or no tide..?

that is the question….

Would you rather be a Pokemon trainer or attend Hogwarts?

We prefer to live in bikini bottoms with our homie Patrick Star.

Would rather be Al Capone for a day or Dan Blizerian for a day?

Al Blizerian ;)

Support Ofenbach:

SC: https://soundcloud.com/weareofenbach

FB: https://www.facebook.com/weareofenbach



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