Exclusive MBP Interview & Latest Ellie Goulding Remix


We had a little catch up with the Cologne-based deep-house duo MBP. Chatting about their latest Ellie Goulding Remix with Kenani, their plans for the future and we discussed MBP hosting us for a night-out in Cologne.

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Who makes up MBP and where does your name originate from?

MBP was a project started by myself, Claudio Hoffmann (23, Cologne DE) founded at around the end of 2013. In January 2015, I got Marius Havelt (22, Münster DE) involved who then became the second member of MBP. The name came to us really easily actually, I was making a folder on my mac, for music which was to be played on a weekend gig that we had been booked for. It was the abbreviation of ‘Must Be Played’ and voila! MBP was born.


Above: The latest remix from MBP. Ellie Goulding gets the laid-back, iconic MBP  style remix. We are going to have this one on repeat for a while.

How would you guys describe the MBP sound to someone who has never heard you guys before?

I’d say the MBP sound is a unique electronic sound, a mixture of deep, melodic and tech house. We make sure we include the love and passion we have for music in every track we make. We want to also make sure that every person who comes to our gigs feels that special feeling that we had when we first making the tracks.

Whereabouts are you guys from? Tell us a little about your background? When did you guys first start producing and Djing?

Both of us are from Münster in Germany. I, Claudio am currently living in Cologne and I am a student. Marius is still living in Münster and working as a carpenter.


What’s your opinion of the UK? Have you guys ever played here before? Coming again any time soon?

We love the UK. Especially London. You guys over there go seriously crazy when you party.

Yes, we had the chance to play a gig a the renowned Mint Club in Leeds. We coming back in 2015 to play gig in London and Leeds so that will be exciting.

Tell us a little about your Ellie Goulding remix, where did you guys get the inspiration from to make this remix?

We got the inspiration while driving on a Saturday morning. The sun was shining on our faces and we heard a song playing on the radio. This was the first time we heard the original and we thought we have to work out a remix for this. After this, we got Kenani involved and the remix was born.

Top 5 tracks of 2015 you guys have listened to 2015 so far?

Top1. Lexer – Beauty And the Beast (Original Mix)
Top2. Alex Schulz – Ways (Original Mix)
Top3. Mome – Cosmopolitan (Original Mix)
Top4. Indiana – Only The Lonely (KANT Remix)
Top5. Ali Emm – Where The Love Lies (Original Mix)


Let’s talk VSTs, what are your favourites at the moment?

Abelton Live Suite 9 + NI Mashine + Flux Bitter Sweet + “Our Holy Bank”

8) Who would be your dream past or present collaboration?

A dream present or past collaboration would have to be either: Disclousre, MK or Andhim!

9) I know you are guys are based in Germany, if we were to come over today where would you guys take us? Where’s good to eat/go on a night out where you guys are from? Where the best vibes/food at?

So first off, we would take you to the best place for burgers in Cologne, ‘Beef Burgers’. Afterwards we would have one or more than two drinks at the art club and bar ‘ArtyFarty’, great vibes here. Lastly we would end up at the club ‘Gewölbe’ and dance until the early morning.


10) What’s can your fans expect from you guys in 2015? Any plans for the next release?

Our fans can expect some huge gigs, original mixes and remixes. There are some surprises for our fans too, maybe a big tour. ;)

Quick fire questions

1. As you guys are producers/DJs would you rather never touch another human again or never touch a computer powered device again?

Never touch another human again, it would have to be

2. Would you rather baby sit 3 month old triplets for 4 hours or go with out food and water for the next 24 hours?

Have to be baby-sitting the 3 month triplets.

3. Finally, that dress… Is it black and gold or blue and black? We need an MBP verdict.

Definitely black and blue for us. ;)


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