Last week we had a chat with the up and coming German tropical house duo LYAR. These two lads are on fire at the moment, producing great remix after great remix. Everything from Ariana Grande to our favourite, their remix of Jerimih’s track ‘Don’t Tell Em’. We have been massive fans of their iconic, feel-good sound so we just had had to get these guys to jump on board on guest mix series Aux Radio. Check our their set in Aux Radio Volume 3 below. In our interview we talk everything form their inspirations to produce tropical house, the German house scene and what they would rather do when walking into a police station drunk…


Who makes us LYAR and how did you guys meet?

So LYAR is made of myself, Chris, 20 and Phil who is 25. We are two media art students from Weimar, Germany just about to start our second semester in April. We actually met as freshers in the first week of our studies, never having known each other before. Just through speaking to each other we realised we had the same interests, both loving to make music and from this on point on we have become best friends.

What is the inspiration behind your name LYAR?

Phil: It was just a name we both agreed on really. Short and catchy, no more intricate details than that.

Tropical house appears to be really growing in popularity at the moment, do you guys see the German club scene becoming more tropical too?

Chris: Yeah for sure, the tropical sound is definitely getting more attention in the German clubs at the moment and we just hope it continues so we can contribute to its success. When summer arrives, this is the sound that makes people want to dance during the sunset so that’s why we just love it.

What inspired you guys to produce music? Did you play any instruments beforehand?

 Phil: We have both made music since we can remember really. Chris plays the piano and the guitar and I play the drums. It makes us happy to see people having fun and raising their hands, losing themselves to our music. We really get inspired when we make remixes because we have the opportunity to change the whole mood of a track and make something totally different, something that is totally original.

Our favourite LYAR track here at Aux has to be your ‘Don’t Tell Em’ remix but which track are you guys most proud of producing?

Phil: It has to be ‘Don’t Tell Em’ as well, it is was our first release and just really started everything going for us. The response to that track was phenomenal, we were never expecting to reach so many people and make them happy with our music.

Whereabouts are you guys based in Germany? How is the response to your music in Germany?

Chris: So are we from different areas in Germany but at moment we are both based in Weimar as we studying here. The response in Germany has been great, I mean everything is worldwide these days with Soundcloud and social media but the support for our music has allowed us the opportunities to our sets on radio stations across Germany. The next stage for us is to start taking our music to a live audience in Germany.

What are your favourite plugins, VSTs or sample packs that you are loving right now?

Chris: The whole NI collection

Phil: Yeah, loving some of the sounds from the Nexus collection

What can we expect from LYAR in 2015? Any chance you will visit us in London?

Phil: 2015 looks bright already, we are just hoping our music reaches more people. We are going to release our first original song at the end of spring so that will be great.

Chris: Yeah we’d love to come to the UK if you’d pay for the hotel room and the flight, we would love to meet you guys! ;)

Quick-fire questions

1) Eric Prydz or Daft Punk?

Chris: Daft Punk for me

Phil: Agreed!

2) Which car is more bad ass in Germany Mercedes or BWM?

Phil: Always Mercedes.

Chris: Yeah 100%

3) Favourite track of all time?

Chris: Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack

4) Would you rather walk into your local Police Station after 15 shots of Vodka, or go to your first day at work after 5 shots of Tequila?

Chris: The Tequila story, because it tastes better!

Phil: Yeah, I am happy with that.

5) Would you rather fight a man with his bear hands or bear with his man hands?

Phil: We would prefer a man with BEER in his hands! :D

Chris: Thanks guys!

Follow LYAR:

SC: https://soundcloud.com/lyar/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/lyarofficial

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/lyarofficial

IG: http://instagram.com/lyarofficial

TW: https://twitter.com/lyarofficial

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