Exclusive Interview with David Harks


Aux London sat down with David Sanderson the features writer, frontman and vocalist of the upcoming set David Harks. Hailing from Brighton England, the multi-instrumentalist combines nostalgic sonic textures and modern synthscapes with his passion for personally reflective storytelling. David Harks’s latest song ‘Open Arms’ has a nostalgic tropical twang  that will make you feel like its still summer.


What is one thing that everyone should know about David Harks? What makes your music unique?

David Harks was born out of spending years writing, performing and collaborating with projects. I never really understood what music I wanted to make if I was left with just a computer on my own, so I bought one disappeared for a while and wrote some songs. The music is a product of message I believe, talking life’s tales in various shapes and forms, the unique aspect is no one song sound the same.  The project feels genre-less, limitless and building in positive energy, I just want the songs to be dedicated and acute so I’m taking my time working with like minded souls bringing that feeling.

Do you  have any exciting news coming up in the future or anything you would like share, from upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?

Songs would be the most important news from us, as far as for live well thats an idea underway but with focus on selective material, live material thats not surfaced online…so plenty to do.


Photograph credit: Manel Ortega - http://www.manelortega.co.uk/

Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do? What got you into music? Who do you consider your influences?

Personally my background lies in folk, hip-hop, story-telling and psychedelic-electronic music-all with live acts, so a bit of a mix. David Harks however doesn’t fall into any of these categories, but I do I think it carries influences from these worlds for sure very naturally. I have to say music blows my mind, its not the format or stylistics that I dig on but it is the collaborations and the camaraderie that give it flavours, for me so many great life moments are brought on from it. I must say in writing words/lyrics I do so in solitude to get something out of me albeit cathartic or non-sensical, I got into music to write down words for myself colouring the pages of text books with poems and graphics etc, I haven’t stopped. Music became the vehicle for message for me followed by developing a desire to collaging sounds, rhythms and textures to support that.

What do you consider the greatest challenge for upcoming artists in today’s climate? Do you think music blogs/online magazines are the best way to for exposure?

Be yourself and make the most out of what you have-It’s about a series of great experiences brought together through the universal community of audio play, we learn so much from the individual as musicians when we form relationships, I feel we are very lucky if bitten by the bug. Music blogs are great ways to share musical Information and reach people, so people who want to be reached find the music they need-simple.

What are the plans/hopes for the future?

I would like to study more in the world of Binaural/Isochronics-if you know anyone please get in touch those reading!

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