Aux had the opportunity to catch up last week with Parisian production wonder-kid and melodic genius, Gostan. The French producer first broke onto the electronic music scene with his first track entitled, ‘Aube’. Combining both those iconic African voice samples with his signature melodic hooks, this feel-good tune firmly announced his arrival onto the music scene. This hugely successful breakthrough track was only to be followed by the worldwide hit ‘Klanga’. Klanga brings us a unique juxtaposition of time, combining both the historic speech of JFK with Gostan’s infectious new-house sound. This track and its instantly recognisable saxophone rift went on to create waves throughout Europe and the US house scene. Regularly supported in the live performances of artists such as Klingande.


With plenty more inspiring and heavily melodic tracks up his sleeve, the future looks bright for the young Frenchman. Aspiring to follow in the footsteps of Eastern European electronic house geniuses such as Klangkarussel and Bakermat, Gostan plans to keep adding to and evolving his dreamy and empowering music. Having just headlined the grand opening party at infamous Peninsula Hotel in Paris, Gostan and his sound are only progressing onto larger and greater venues. Get acquainted with the name Gostan as it is one that you will be hearing a lot more of in the near future.


Hi Gostan, to our audience that hasn’t heard your sound, how would you describe it?

I love to take inspiration from many different genres and different music cultures. I would describe my sound as a kind of a mix between deep house and pop music. They call it chill house actually haha! I like to think my tracks are very focused on melody.

With your debut release ‘Aube’, you chose to include a variety of worldwide musical elements: African voice samples, tropical percussion and those smooth electronic hooks. Do you enjoy this freedom of mixing genres and taking inspiration from different music cultures? Is this something you are passionate about?

Absolutely, as you said I just love to mix and experiment with different genres.  For Aube, I took a lot of inspiration from African music culture so I tried to incorporate the African instruments and rhythm as much as possible. Personally, the most important principle when producing a track is just to feel that total freedom so that’s the reason why I make an effort to experiment and include musical elements from different styles, genres and cultures.


What message do you hope to convey with your music?

The most important thing for me is ‘respect’.

‘Klanga’ is a of course a huge part of your life too, this track really got people to start talking about your melodic sound and sharing the Gostan vibes worldwide. How did this iconic lead melody come about?

It’s very hard to explain the initial inspiration and the creative process behind ‘Klanga’ as all these stages were very natural. When I began producing this track, I just felt a huge rush of inspiration and emotion. The sax was so powerful, that I knew I didn’t really need many more elements to create a lasting melody. After the chords were recorded, the lead melody came really easily and naturally so that was great.


Was it a long process in constructing this track or did it take form quite quickly?

For Klanga, the lead melody came very quickly indeed. The arrangement and mixing parts took longer because I really wanted to make sure it was the best possible refined and finished track that I could produce.

When did you get the incredible idea to include JFK’s infamous ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech?

I was actually in Germany when I produced Klanga so I guess I took some inspiration from my surroundings haha! I was looking for a vocal and I just had the idea that why don’t I include this wonderful JFK speech? The rest is history!


I read that you began your musical interest at the tender age of 6! Who or what was the inspiration for your musical interest at this young age? Who were the prominent artists or bands that really focused your ambitions when you were growing up?

Yes, I started playing violin at 6 because I had a sudden desire to play it, I have no idea why haha! When I was very young I was into old-school hardrock and rock’n roll music. Later, around age 14 is when I first discovered electronic music as I was starting to producing this type of music at the same time. The very first electronic artists that I started listening to were: Joachim Garraud, Daft Punk, and Justice.

We love the latest Gostan – Mixtape Vol. 1 here at Aux, we had the tunes playing out here for a while. I noticed that you included a variety of melodic and tropical tracks progressing to more deep house tunes. Is this something that you like to do at your live gigs? What experience can we expect at a Gostan live show?

Yes exactly, I love listening and spinning both chill and deep house tracks so I try to combine them as much as possible in my mixes. During my live sets, I usually start with chill house tracks then progress to more deeper and dynamic sounds towards the end of the set. It’s a little musical journey.


If we had access to Gostan’s iTunes, Soundcloud or Spotify right now which tunes would be under the category ‘most played’?

All of M83′s tracks…I just love their work. Hans Zimmer too and of course Daft Punk’s ‘Veridis Quo’.

You have taken the electronic scene by storm with your sound. What advice would you have up and coming producers who are still trying to figure out and identify their signature sound?

I would advise up and coming producers just to really focus on their music, their sound. To keep practicing and to make sure everyday they make an effort to get better and better at their skill. Don’t spend your time sending demos to record labels, they will come to YOU if your tracks are good enough. So just keep focusing on the music.


I know in your teenage years you began to learn the violin and this an instrument that is close to your heart. Do you hope to include more violin in your future tracks? What can we expect to hear in the upcoming Gostan releases?

I haven’t had opportunity to include violin yet but I am really hoping I will include some in a future track, that would be great. So I guess you guys will have to stay tuned for that.

Which is your DAW of choice? Any favourite VST or synths your are loving right now?

I use logic Pro X and I love all of the Native Instruments plugins.

What has been the most memorable live event you have played so far?

It has to be my set for the inauguration of Peninsula Hotel in Paris, it was just incredible. The dance floor and decks were situated right on the rooftop of the hotel with an incredible view of Paris and of course the Eiffel Tower.

What can we expect in 2015 from Gostan? Any big summer tunes in production or collaborations on the horizon?

I have some really great remixes coming soon and I am still working on some original tracks to show you guys too. So just stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the new music that you will hear very soon.



Favourite lyrics?

I am not really a lyric man to be honest so I don’t really listen to too many tracks or music that has lyrics haha! So I can’t really give you my favourite.

Most nervous moment in your life?

Some of my University exams.

1 superpower, what would it be?


How excited are you about life right now on a scale of 1-10?


Advice that would you give to your teenage self?

Keep going, keep following your dreams.

3 things included in Gostan’s rider?

Corona beer, Pringles…an amazing crowd.

A book that you have to read?

Logic Pro manual.

A place you want to visit?


Final Thoughts?

Enjoy your life.


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