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Aux London caught up with Emma Carn, an up and coming singer-songwriter, hailing from Perth, Australia. Emma is taking the deep and tropical house scene by storm with her intricate vocals and captive, lyrical melodies. At the same time, she continues to pursue her own ambitions as a singer-songwriter, gaining recognition for her acoustic originals and building an ever increasing, talented repertoire.


Her surge to the forefront of the deep and tropical house scene really kick-started with a collaboration with the German production duo BUNT. The four long months of hard graft, both in songwriting and perfecting their collaborative track, ‘Journey’ was definitely worth the wait.  ‘Journey’ was subsequently picked up by the renowned promotion label, La Belle Musique and has since gained, over a million plays across YouTube, ultimately reaching number 17 in the iTunes dance charts.



The success of this track has continued and it has gone on to obtain an official music video with Kontor Records and it is even the featured backing track to a soon to be released, Fuji film commercial in Denmark. We are a massive supporters of Emma Carn and her distinctive sound and we can’t wait to share with you, her future successes in the near future.

What are your earliest memories of the beginnings of your musical journey? At what age did your passion for music really begin?

My music journey officially started when I was 8 years old, where I was picked through my school to learn the Cello and join the school orchestra. I played the cello up until I was 16, however, my passion for music didn’t really start until after I quit the cello and bought my first guitar. I remember learning the chords for “Dont Fight It” by the Panics, and decided it would be way cooler if I could sing along… so I started singing (terribly) and it all went from there!

Who would you say are the current or past songwriters that have really influenced you? Which artists continue to inspire you with their work?

My current inspiration is Shannon Saunders, who I believe is becoming quite big in the UK at the moment. I just really love her sound as it resembles the direction I want to take with my own music. I believe we are also the same age so she’s really relatable! My absolute all time biggest inspiration would have to be Justin Vernon from Bon Iver as he is just a musical genius and his music really takes you to another place. I want to be able to make music that makes you feel something and takes you away from reality.


How does the process of writing a new song normally begin? Is it melody, lyrics or music, that come first?

When writing the melody and lyrics for deep and tropical house tracks, I have always started with the melody. I listen to the track and just start spitting out random words, almost like a freestyle, and see what melody comes out. Then if I like that, I will start writing lyrics that fit into that melody. My song writing process would be very strange to watch… luckily I record in my bedroom alone! On the other hand, with my acoustic originals, generally the lyrics will come first but if I don’t have any inspiration then I will start by coming up with a chord progression and just go from there.

Are you someone that writes lyrics down and has a massive songbook or someone who remembers everything by memory?

I definitely try to write everything down – I have the memory of a goldfish! As a lot of my work is done on the computer, my “note” section is absolutely jam packed full of lyrics.


What message do you hope to convey with your music and lyrics?

Whenever I write for deep and tropical house songs, my lyrics tend to be very light-hearted and are generally about the summer time or love. I just hope to create music that will put people in a good mood and will make them want to dance!
When I write my originals, however, it comes from a much deeper place and I like to write about personal experiences. I guess, I just want my lyrics to be relatable as a lot of the situations I write about tend to be things a lot of people have gone through… such as heart break. When lyrics are relatable, I feel that you form a greater connection with that particular song and I really want people to be able to connect with my music.

 The track ‘Journey’ with the German producers BUNT really got the ball rolling for you and really grabbed people’s attention to start hearing your voice and lyrics. How did you both first come into contact with each other and how did this amazing collaboration come to life?

BUNT actually came across my voice via Soundcloud. One day I got a message in my inbox from them that basically asked if I wanted to sing on a new deep house track of theirs. I was really excited by it and was super keen to try something new, so I added them on Facebook and they sent me the track and it all went from there! We spent about 4 to 5 months on “Journey” and I think I sent them about 30 recordings of my vocals until we picked the final vocal. The process was really long, especially in comparison to all of my other collaborations, but BUNT really pour their heart and soul into their work. I think that’s why their music is of such good quality and why they have had so much success.


Were you a fan of deep and tropical house before the collaboration took place?

To be honest, no – I didn’t really know much about the genre and it was basically a new world to me. Now I am OBSESSED. I think it is all I listen to now…

Did you learn musical theory or are your skills self-taught?

I learnt musical theory through school, and studied it for several years although I feel as though I have forgotten most of it now…
I am self taught in singing and guitar, but I definitely want to get some guitar lessons as I feel I could improve my technique!


Tell us, what songs are in Emma Carn’s most played playlist at the moment?

Jaymes Young – One Last Time (Felix Jaehn feat. Chris Meid Remix)

MÖWE – Birds Flying High

James Bay – Let It Go (Boysenberry Edit)

Chet Faker – Gold (Flume Re-work)

Tom Odelle – Another Love (Zwette Edit) 

You can thank me later.. :)


Do you have any guilty pleasures that you love to listen to?

I am obsessed with the Lion King soundtrack! Absolutely no shame..!

11) How would you say the Australian scene is at the moment for up and coming artists? Do you feel there are enough opportunities for singer-songwriters like yourself in cities like Perth?

I definitely feel as though it has been hard for me to make a name for myself in Australia, as there are a lot of talented singer-songwriters and so it is quite competitive. Opportunities are also limited, particularly in Western Australia where I live. If I was to try and pursue music in Australia, I would definitely move to Melbourne or Sydney as there seems to be more opportunities for musicians over there. Although, I don’t feel as though I know too much about the music scene over here as all my success has come from Europe and so I’m yet to see what it would be like to release a track over here. I’m curious to see how my original goes when I release it in a couple of months!

Who is your favourite artist from Australia at the moment?

Torn between Matt Corby and Vance Joy..


Which track or collaboration that you have released, are you most proud of?

Journey is definitely favourite collaboration just because of how special it was to both myself and BUNT and the success that came from it – I even got Journey tattooed on my arm!

What can Emma Carn fans expect in 2015? Any cheeky insights into future collaborations or originals?

I will be releasing an original in the next couple of months.. It’s a very different sound to my acoustic stuff and I am very excited to see how people react to it!
I am currently collaborating on roughly 10 different tracks at the moment… so I will be excited to share them! European fans can expect to hear my voice in a lot of deep and tropical house tracks during Spring – I have been very busy! May also be planning a cheeky trip to Europe towards the end of this year….


What’s your impression of the UK and London? Fancy coming over and playing us a gig?

I haven’t been but I have always dreamed of visiting or even living over there for a little while. Will definitely be paying a visit when I come to Europe, perhaps you’ll see me playing a gig.. or even busking on the street ;) who knows!


Quick-fire round

Natalia Kills, off her bin or a warrior for artistic justice?

Definitely off her bin!

The big question… koalas or jumping joeys?

Jumping Joeys.. Koalas scare me!

A question we have always wanted to ask a true Australian, Fosters beer, it’s branded as Australian but it’s clearly not, have you heard of it?

Haven’t heard of it! Although, I don’t drink a lot of beer…

WYR be kindhearted with an IQ of 50, or a sociopath with an IQ of 150?

Kindhearted for sure!

WYR always have the most annoying eyelash stuck in your eye or the most annoying tiny rock in your shoe? (You cannot take your shoes off.)

I will have to take the tiny rock in my shoe, could not stand having something stuck in my eye!

Would you rather that Mumford & Sons compose a continuous soundtrack of your life that is always playing aloud, or at the end of each day Morgan Freeman narrates back your day to everyone around you?

Would have to go with the Mumford & Sons soundtrack!


Stay up to date with Emma’s latest releases:

▶ SC: https://soundcloud.com/emma-carn

▶ FB: https://www.facebook.com/emmacarnmusic

▶ INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/emmacarn_



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