A couple of weeks ago, we got the opportunity to sit down and catch up with the musical geniuses, rising stars and just generally providers of good vibes, production trio Mozambo. These three artists from South of France have been collectively sharing their tracks of love, peace and tropical bliss with us for just 1 year and are already gaining worldwide rapport. Their remix of UK duo Disclosure’s track ‘Latch’, featured below, has reached over 1 million people on Soundcloud alone.


Once you guys get a listen to the textured, diverse and ultimately feel-good sound of Mozambo, you are going to be as addicted as we are. More importantly, we need to start showing these guys some love in the UK and they might just hop across the channel and play us a gig.

We love the name Mozambo, it immediately resonates those tropical & feel-good vibes, how did this name come about? Who takes credit for its’ creation?

Alex: Hahaha.. it’s simple. It was the surname of my cousin and I really liked it because it sounds almost like an Indian tribe. We then thought about it and we discovered it was a mix between ‘Mozart’ and ‘Rimbaud’.

Clem: Yes, it demonstrates the power of music and emotion which you feel through art. It’s just poetry! Ahah!

Gui: I like that! ;)

Who makes up Mozambo? Where and how did you guys meet?

Alex: Well, we first created the crew with just Gui and I approximately in September/October last year. It was a very natural process. I just said,  ‘Guillaume our name is MOZAMBO and we are going to create a little logo and put our music on soundcloud!’ This all happened in the kitchen of his family home and today we are doing press interviews… crazy!

Clem: Yes! I met these guys around a month later. We just chatted a lot on soundcloud about music, life and everything really! Finally, I joined the family and from this point onwards, it has just been magical! ;)

Gui: It’s all family business! ;) My best friend and big bro!

How would you describe the Mozambo genre to someone who has not heard you guys before?

Alex: I can’t really describe it…people say that we produce deep house but for me we produce music with a diverse mixture of influences like ‘pop funk, french house, blues ….”

Gui: For me Mozambo represents a cross between electronic jazz & deep house… but it’s impossible to define it more precisely than that.

Clem: Personally I think we don’t have a ‘genre’. We just try to keep to one guideline, happiness. We always try with our music to make people dance, smile, and forget about the shitty things that we face in life. It’s important just to spread good vibes and share pleasant moments with each other. In some respects, life is simple! ;)

What do you guys start with when first producing a track? Where do you normally get your ideas and inspiration from?

Clem: A lot of my inspiration comes from music I have listened to in the past: rock ‘n’ roll (thanks mum & dad), blues (thanks grandma… kidding), and from the present (future waves of house music). When creating music we try to feel every moment and think about how we could best share this with people.  We normally start with piano, guitar, perhaps even just playing something simple. From this we then mix all of our universe and creative ideas and then…we just let the music play!

Alex: It’s all about just having a good time jamming and sharing musical ideas. Sometimes we start with an acoustic session at first, then from this we manipulate and add to the sound with the DAW. Personnaly, my inspiration is a reflection of my mood and the recent tracks I have been listening to on my iPod or on vinyls/cds. Surprisingly, it’s often the old-school tracks which give me the greatest inspiration.

Gui: Personally, I love working with melody. I am always searching for that track that just blows my mind, you know?

What artists/DJs/producers have majorly inspired you in your life? Who or what inspired you to make music and at what age?

Gui: Many artists inspired me, whatever the type of music, rock ‘n’ roll, funk, house, electro or techno… My dad had a huge role in my ‘musician’ life. He pushed me when I was young to play piano and even if I wasn’t very enthusiastic at first, in the end I began to develop my love with melody. Creation ultimately stems from passion so that has to be there.

Clem: Daft Punk & Justice are some of my definite inspirations concerning the ‘electronic’ part. They can do everything, they have achieved success with many different styles too which is also impressive. If I was to consider other types of styles which have influenced me it would be artists such as: Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, James Brown. These artists changed my perspective on so many things and demonstrated to me the impact of music. Of course, I am also inspired by the artists of today such as Klangkarussell, Thomas Jack, Kygo, Gamper & Dadoni, Dayne S, Klingande, Goldfish, and so many more!

Alex: Some of the artists that have inspired me in my life are: Bob Marley, the Beatles , the Rolling Stones…and i’m a huge fan of Jim Morrison. He is a really important part of my life.. Jimi Hendrix too.. oh and Jack Johnson. I started really listening and discovering music when I was 13 years old in order to discover a part of myself.. Then I began learning guitar and that’s a different story.

What was the first CD/vinyl that you guys ever bought?

Gui: Hum…it was a house album, some time in 2007.

Alex: Probably a Beatles album.

Clem: CD : Offspring – Americana (yeah… yeah, I know don’t laugh ok!!) & and Vinyl : Daft Punk – Discovery (I played Aerodynamic too much and just ruined it! ;) )

If you had to pick one which would be the best venue you guys have played and why?

Clem: Collectively we are agreed in saying the gig we played in Paris at the Wanderlust was our favourite. It was huge moment for us, around 2500-3000 people (I think). We played just before Androma and our buddy Klingande. The atmosphere and crowd were just electric! We chatted with people afterwards, it was just delightful!

What are your 5 favourite tracks of 2014?

Gui: Darius – Espoir, Gesaffelstein – Depravity, Tchami – Shot Caller, Pakem – Tea Time and Bobmo – Hot Spot

Alex: hum… I often listened the remix of Mary J Blige by Pakem .. I really like Cheeroke – Hear, and FKJ – So Much To Me.  ‘Home’ by Jack Jonhson and to conclude ‘Rêveries’ by Shaparder and LRX!

Clem: Hum… Hard to pick just 5!! I’d say: Booker T & the MGs – Green Onions (Luke Danfields Bluehouse Edit), Phoria – Once Again (Layzie Edit), Bon Iver – Flume (Kulkid Remix), Max Manie – Sunday (Klangkarussell Remix), and Disclosure – You and Me (Flume Edit).

Which Mozambo track or remix have you been most proud about producing?

Alex: I really love our remix of Corona because it just reminds me of last summer. All the good times with my girlfriend and my friends <3
Also I am really proud of the  new track with my friend Basic Tape!

Gui: I agree with Alex here!

Clem: For me it’s So Flute, Corona or Soulmate… because when we produced these tracks it was an amazing and standout moment for us … I like the fact that as I said before we don’t have any “genre”. Instead,  for me we just try to capture a particular moment in our life, a true one and just share that.

If you guys had the chance to pick anyone, past or present, who would be your dream collaboration?

Gui: Serge Gainsbourg! What a dream that would be!

Alex: I’m very very big fan of Breakbot… Nile Rodgers too because he is one of my favourite guitar heroes :) and throw in Jack Jonhson there, why not?!

Clem: Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk and Patrick Sebastien.

Other than music what are your other hobbies, are you guys sports fans?

Clem: Ahah Yeah!! Football, Ski, and some others. Sport gives you balance, the mind & the body. I know… that sounds like an advert. ;)

Alex: I’m a skater & surfer, I have a passion for motocross too and all the extreme sports.

Gui: I’ve got passion too… women !

Clem & Alex: Oh dear… ah ah !!



What is the coolest thing you guys each own?

Gui: My charm as I’m a dreamer… always got my head in the clouds!

Clem: Mmmm… amazing friendship??? to live in a good health??? support from people??? to be happy??? an interview for an English Magazine??? ^^

Alex: My friends, my family, my girlfriend .. I am in good health.

If not for music, what profession do you think you would have done?

Alex: I would have studied something to do with marketing or something related to import/exports or even pursued another career making some form of art.

Clem: If I pass my final exam at the end of this month.. I’ll be a lawyer. So… I would do that! I also wanted to be an actor when I was younger too, probably to date some girls and so I could just be a show-off…kidding.

Gui: A sound engineer.

Where did you learn your skills from, were you self-taught or was it through traditional musical theory?

Alex & Clem: Self taught!

Gui: For me I needed to work and to work hard to try to express what I really want with my music.

What advice would you have for aspiring producers or DJs?

Gui: You have to believe in yourself, you have to live out your passions but you have to work hard!

Alex: Do your own style of music, break the rules.

Clem: Don’t try to be too technical but try to find the right way to share your message and your emotion. Today everyone can be a producer so it will be a proud moment when people will feel something thanks to your song. So LIVE YOUR TRACK GUYS!

Do you guys have any guilty pleasures to listen to? Justin Bieber ;)?

Alex: Not really, all of my music is selected! ;)

Gui: This would kill my ears! Just no. Sometimes in the I have listened to old-school French variety music, this happens, especially when I’m tispy ! ;)

Clem: We have plenty of guilty pleasures but not with music! Maybe more when I was younger but I’d prefer to forget about it!

We are addicted to the Mozambo sound in the UK. Have you guys ever played a gig in the UK and if so where? When and where can your UK fans next expect to see you?

Gui: Invite us then!

Clem: Ah ah I am really touched that people listen to us in the UK  and we always really care about any feedback we receive from the UK! I lived for 6 months in Bristol and the parties were great! The music too, so many different type of atmosphere in the UK! So, in conclusion, we would love to come in UK, ANYTIME! Just call us! ;)

Alex: Who knows… It could be awesome to meet people during an English gig!


Quick Fire Questions

Would you rather… have hiccups for the rest of your life? Or feel like you need to sneeze and not be able to for the rest of your life?

Clem: Hiccups… hum, they don’t sound so bad…I could do some human beatbox…haha

Alex: What a question! Hiccups…

Gui: Not able to sneeze for me.

You’re on a desert Island with the most beautiful woman of your dreams. Would you rather..they are top-half fish? Or they are bottom-half fish?

Alex: Bottom-half fish because I will surf on her ! ;)

Gui: What a joker!

Clem: I don’t really like fish lips, so probably human top and fish bottom. Can we pick 2 women? ;) I will mix it up!

What can we expect from Mozambo in 2015? Any more naughty originals in the pipeline?

Clem: Hell yeah! We are working on so many projects. We are working on a project for the memorial of Nelson Mandela. Also many collabs coming your way with Basic Tape, KarlK, Max Liese, and Offenbach… Some remixes too! We want to please our fantastic listeners!!

ALL : Thank you so much for this amazing interview!! Love & kisses from South of France! CHEERS!

Where to find Mozambo online?

Facebook: /mozambomusichttp://on.fb.me/1uiJeif

Soundcloud: /mozambo - http://bit.ly/1ui0Tkm

Instagram: @mozambo_musichttp://bit.ly/17YwLpC

Twitter: @musicmozambohttp://bit.ly/15kGl54

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